Is my piece microwave and dishwasher safe?
Yes! You can microwave and dish wash your pieces!
Although, for the longest life - Hand wash and dry!
Do you ship?
Yes we do! We ship small to large orders:)
We also use Eco Ship Chicago for all of our packing supplies! 
Where are you located? 
Chicago, IL! 
If I order a set will they all be the same? 
No! The fun thing about ceramics, at least at Rise and Shine, is that everything is fully handmade. Everything will be as close as possible especially if we know that you are ordering a set of "X" but there will be some slight differences. That's the fun of hand crafted goodies!
If you ordered some pieces previously and then want to make a set out of those pieces later I can almost guarantee that they will not match your previous set. Just because the shape may change slightly over time! 
Can I order a dinner set?
Please! We love making dinner sets! Feel free to reach out with what you're thinking to get a quote!
Please note if you are ordering a dinner set we will try to make everything as similar are possible but there will be difference and some handmade touches! 
My piece broke, can I return it or get my money back?  
Please reach out to us and let us know what happened and we'll be happy to work with you!  
What glazes do you use and are they food safe? 
All pieces are food safe. :) We use lead free, food safe underglazes to paint everything and then finish the piece with a lead free / food safe clear glaze! 
Did you start in your apartment and do you recommend it? 
lol yes! I love this question! We did start in our 3 floor apartment lugging 500lbs of clay up the stairs a month! Feel free to reach out and ask all the questions about making pots out of your apartment/home! 
Do you host classes? 
Not at the moment! We finished up our last Sip and Paint for the year in March 2023 and are moving into wholesale and inventory making! If we do announce a class, the best place to check in would be our newsletter or instagram

Our sweet baby boy, will be joining the team this July!

We deeply appreciate everyone's flexibility with us switcing to slip casting. It will be a lot easier on my growing body and our growing family!
We can't wait to welcome our little bugger into the world!
Much Love,
Annie and Paul